Part II: Lexiles and Careers

Last time, I shared the background on Lexiles. This month’s blog includes resources that foster conversations with students about careers, Lexile levels, and how society creates a hierarchy based on job titles.

When helping students choose careers, Lexiles may be a valuable resource to help them develop goals and strive for academic success related to career or college readiness. Students can identify the reading levels needed for the desired profession and have a realistic idea of the literacy demands associated with their career of choice.

Lexile and Career Chart is located on Pinterest to visually help learners make those connections.

Below are example careers and the required Lexile levels for each. Using career data, additional context is given regarding the literacy demands attached to each career.

Bottom Line for Learners: Literacy is required to ensure you have options in this lifetime.

Career Type

Entry Level Lexile


Cosmetologist/Hair Stylist


Extensive reading and understanding of technical terms. Licensure exams cover questions about sanitation rules, chemical usage, hair styling techniques, and state laws.



Education path typically takes a total of seven years to complete, including four years of undergraduate coursework and three years of law school. After earning their J.D. degrees, lawyers must pass their state’s bar exam and complete any other requirements necessary to be licensed before they can practice law.

Auto mechanic 


Mechanics are expected to have completed an associate degree or certificate program in automotive technology training and with new technologies, their skills must constantly be updated. Auto mechanics must have sophisticated skills and a broad understanding of how the mechanical systems work together.