Nulling Negative Stereotypes

While reading a book about dyslexia, a quote by Dr. Sally Shaywitz (author) resonated with me. Our learners deserve “someone who will not only believe in them but will translate that belief into positive action.” We know our daily actions convey what we truly believe about the students we serve in schools.  

When students don’t form a bond with schooling or it gets broken, academic achievement may suffer.  In addition to language, I have included intentional classroom practices that can have a positive impact on students which can result in an improved outlook on school, academics and themselves.

    1. Celebrate student successes via data walls and data chats. View examples of data walls from elementary, middle and high schools.
    1. Discover learners’ interests via student surveys. Click here for a reading and math survey for K-2 students.

      Click here for questions ideal for middle and high school students created by Norman Herr from California State University Science Education Professor. I have included a customizable survey for middle and high schools.

    1. Utilize this student workstyle survey developed by Dr. Kate Kinsella to determine how you can build engagement through collaborative partnering and/or groups.
  1. Become intentional about building relationships with your students on a consistent basis. Click here for weekly do-nows for middle school students.

One must perceive good prospects in the learning environment meaning that one has the interests, skills, resources, and opportunities to prosper there, in the sense of being accepted and valued by all who operate in this place known as school– Dr. Claude Steele