While people may have mixed views about Iylana Vanzant and her healing tactics, she conducted an interview on The Breakfast Club that lit up my soul!! As we say in the Black community, “oh, I felt that”. Faith undergirded each lived experiences she shared with the world in May of 2018. One quote stood out during the interview. She said that “God gives you breadcrumbs that lead you to a full slice of bread.” I was left with goosebumps after  that statement!

Rethink and Reflect: Think about your goals and list 3 steps you will take to prepare for your slice of bread. Also, provide a rationale (why) behind each goal.

    She was absolutely right. He will give you pieces of hope along the journey to fuel you forward. For my book Making Academia Actionable, I knew that an editor would be necessary to ensure the final product was polished and ready for publication. I had no editor in sight during the brainstorming process. As I wrote, looming questions created doubt….“where will I find an editor?”. I had zero options so my thoughts ran wild, “will I ever find an editor?”, “how can I be sure he/she will be credible?”, “will they be so expensive that I won’t be able to afford it?”, “how will I know if they are trustworthy?”. Despite my thoughts running rampant, I continued to write.

    One day, as I enjoyed my daily scrolling on social media, a Facebook friend advertised her new editing service. She’s a former teacher, we had met before, and been Facebook friends for at least five years. After sending my inquiry, she was prompt with reasonable pricing and responsive during the entire process. Navarre Editing Services  served my editing needs from beginning to end. She is a trained copy editor and proofreader whom I highly recommend!

The publishing of the book is an example of the many breadcrumbs designed to guide the way!

How To Prepare for The Bread

  1. Just get started. When I began the process, I didn’t have an elaborate business plan just a notebook with Dreams and Schemes plastered on the cover and a vision.
  2. Make the vision clear. Eventually, I developed a strategic plan using this business plan template to help prioritize and organize my thoughts.
  3. Intentionality drove me. Each day and week, I focused on the vision in my heart. Period!
  4. Organize it! All of my ideas are in one binder, so I wasn’t all over the place as new ideas came to me. Binders, boxes, and baskets are my best friends!
  5. Share and contribute to the world to enrich the lives of others. I designed the first resource to improve initial connections during professional learning sessions in a school.
  6. If it is broken, don’t be afraid to fix it! After a year, I had to rebuild and rebrand my business to elevate it to the next level.
  7. Finally, in 2019, I hired a coach- Jai Butler who provided strategic coaching in areas of growth to refine the process, focus my efforts, and encourage me to release all of the gifts God placed on the inside of me. She is the!


May your breadbaskets overflow!